110 Water Street | Gastown

Puts a smile on our faces to welcome Little Mountain Gallery to the CIRES family – read all about it! 

Little Mountain has a space within our portfolio at 110 Water Street in Gastown and we're thrilled that they get to operate in a high-foot-traffic neighbourhood at non-market rent.  While we've been working closely with BC Housing to bring valuable community benefits to the residents of the DTES, CIRES is not quite “a subsidiary” close. Established in 2016, CIRES is a non-profit society - independent from any third party - that supports thriving, equitable and inclusive local economies and communities by curating a balanced portfolio of commercial spaces.

"Little Mountain’s original location, nestled on East 26th Avenue, around the corner from Main Street, provided the only dose of regular entertainment in an otherwise quiet neighbourhood. It was one of the few consistent comedy rooms in Vancouver, alongside the Comedy Mix and Yuk Yuk’s.

Now, with those other two rooms closed for good, Little Mountain is all that’s left. Initially opened as an art space, it ran comfortably for over two decades until the building was sold off to developers. Even before that happened, the comedy rooms had been selling out, and the organization had been looking to move for years.

And then COVID happened, and everything stalled. Little Mountain survived through it all, to “do a run of whatever that was” after the initial lockdown ended, but they were evicted in January 2022 (source: Little Mountain Gallery finds new lease on life in Gastown")."

Although there are challenges coming ahead in the developing front since the space isn't fully built out yet at its new location, CIRES is looking forward to seeing Little Mountain Gallery thrive and succeed. 

Read all about it in this article from The Georgia Straight. 

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