Brave Technology Coop | Investing in developing potential life saving technologies

Friday, June 07, 2019

CIRE is proud to announce funding to Brave Technology Coop ("Brave"), a Vancouver-based cooperative dedicated to helping municipalities across North America combat the overdose crisis and reduce deaths in their communities. 

Brave develops technology that helps communities organize around safer drug consumption. Their products are designed to connect people who use drugs to the help they need: an ally to talk to, a human supervisor to ensure they are safe, digital monitoring technology to detect when they’re in danger, a community of volunteer overdose responders, and professional emergency first responders. As a cooperative, their tech, design, focus, ownership and direction are all determined by the community growing around us.

With this funding agreement to pilot overdose sensor project system, Brave will be able to develop and install overdose sensors in certain spaces within CIRE's portfolio where drug use and overdose may occur. CIRE and Brave have identified two locations for this observational and learning project to take place, allowing Brave to learn about the technology and explore questions and concerns about how this technology might be installed and expanded throughout Vancouver and elsewhere.

Learn more about Brave Technology Coop here.

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