Mission & Goals

Our Mission

Community Impact Real Estate contributes to the efforts of building an inclusive local economy by using the space in our portfolio to provide affordable goods, services, social support and employment opportunities for residents in the communities within which we work.

Our Goals

How we achieve our mission

Curate a commercial property portfolio that maximizes social and economic benefits

The income generated by the market-value leased units, allows CIRE to lease to non-profits and social enterprises at below-market rates in exchange for the social and economic impact created through their business or program services.

Lead and support Community Economic Development initiatives

The CIRE portfolio exists within a community that has multiple partners and actors sharing our Community Economic Development vision.

Grow and diversify the amount of commercial space in the portfolio

Attract and acquire new clients and assets to the portfolio and diversify the type of space to include a variety of sizes that accommodate different uses.

Strive for excellence by operating a well managed organization that is responsible and successful

As a social enterprise commercial property management company, we will blend achieving our positive community impact with the highest level of business professionalism, service and fiscal responsibility.