Sep 19, 2023

Curating a Balanced Portfolio of Commercial Spaces

CIRES was founded on the belief that communities can be transformed through thoughtful real estate curation.

We started by curating a balanced portfolio of commercial spaces, a concept we knew could make a difference.

We pioneered a model where for-profit and non-profit tenants coexist, ensuring that everyone benefits. Our commitment to social benefit covenants in subleases sets us apart.

CIRES emerged as a key player in preserving affordable commercial spaces in neighbourhoods facing gentrification. Our mix of tenants is carefully curated to fit the neighbourhood and serve all members of the community.

What truly sets us apart is our community-focused approach. We aren't just sublandlords; we're part of a community where organizations and businesses share common goals for their neighbourhoods.

Our commercial portfolio includes social enterprises, non-profits, and businesses dedicated to addressing critical community health issues, combating social isolation, and providing affordable options for all residents.

Join us in celebrating the journey that has shaped CIRES into a force for positive change. Contact us to know how you can partner with us. 

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