Jan 18, 2024

Preserving Affordable Commercial Spaces

At CIRES, we preserve affordable commercial spaces while shaping the very fabric of neighbourhoods undergoing rapid transformation. How?

By curating a diverse mix of tenants that not only aligns with the unique character of the community but also serves everyone within it.

Our impact stands out. No other property management organization in Vancouver, BC, or Canada curates a variety of Commercial Retail Units (CRUs) with a blend of for-profit and non-profit tenants on the scale that CIRES does. Our approach is thoughtful, strategic, deliverable, and intentional - a unique recipe for fostering vibrant, inclusive communities.

The non-market tenants in our commercial portfolio are social enterprises and nonprofits addressing critical community health issues, working to reverse the impacts of social isolation, limited employment opportunities, and unaffordable retail and service options for low-income residents in Vancouver’s DTES.

Contact us today and find out how you can partner with CIRES in our mission toward creating stronger and more inclusive communities.

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